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Here's a link to the site for my zine Whirlfang: Whirl Fang.

About Me: Angus_AC89ZX / RLS89ZX (b1989-)

The name is Angus_AC89ZX/RLS89ZX/RLS777 (Real Name is Robert Smith, but to avoid confusion w/ the famous goth rock singer of "The Cure" fame of the same name, I decide to have my own pen/art/codename, so people wont have to confuse me with all the other Robert Smiths in western world. Believe me, its a very popular name for guys in the English speaking Western world.)

I am the maker of this zine called "Whirl Fang," a most excellent fanzine for Escapism, Enlightenment, and just having a blazing ball of fun. I also want to make Indie Libre SciFi/Fantasy movies, along w/ manga-like comix, tabletop roleplaying games, skirmish wargames, solo gaming stuff, random goodies, etc.

I have Autism, ADHD, OCD, and Sensory Integration Dysfunction, and I'm also a Left-Libertarian/Mutualist/Individualist Anarchist Agnostic/Panthiest/Deist from the American Pacific Northwest, where I righthfully belong. I am big into video games, movies (especially SciFi/Fantasy ones with rebellious heroes that triumph against oppressive elite empires), Japanese Anime(cartoons)/Manga(comix), roleplaying games (both video game & tabletop forms), tabletop skirmish wargaming, solo gaming, the DIY ethic, Free/Libre & Open Source Technology and Arts, and of course my most favorite thing in the world, CATS!

I am basically an autistic (I have autism BTW!) Left-Libertarian (Mutualist & Individualist Anarchist)Agnostic/Pantheist/Deist/New Age, as well as a Secular/Unorthodox Pro-Lifer as well. That's right, I am Left-Wing, Agnostic, & Pro-Life.

Not only am I Anti-Abortion, I am also very Anti-Religion, Anti-Government, Anti-Capitalism, Anti-Central Banking, Anti-Bankster, Anti-Cop, Anti-Fascist, Anti-Communist, Anti-Imperialist, Anti-Globalist, Anti-Natinalist, Anti-Binary Politics, Anti-Identity Politics, Anti-Hyper Political Coreectness, Anti-Intellectual Property, Anti-Legal Tender, and especially Anti-Tariff, Anti-Traditionalism, & Anti-Centralization!

In addition, I'm Pro-Market, Pro-Alternative Currency, Pro-Copyleft/Open Source/Free Culture/DIY, Pro-Life, Pro-Organic/All Natural Food Gardening, Pro-Freedom, Pro-Peace, Pro-Anarchy, Pro-Mutualism, Pro-Individualism, Pro-Freethought, & Pro-Decentralization!

FREE MARKET ANTI-CAPITALISM FTW, I can wait to livein a yurt with off-grid free energy & Internet + Organic Gardening, Free/Libre OpenSource Computing, Libre Art, etc!

I'd love to share some LINKZ! to the various beliefs of mine & Sites that I STRONGLY RECOMMEND (ITS A BIG LIST):

Alliance of the Libertarian Left.

Center for a Stateless Society.

Keith Preston's Attack The System.

(Kevin Carson)

Derrick Broze's The Conscious Resistance.

James Corbett's The Corbett Report..

James Evan Pilato's Media Monarchy..

The Last American Vagabond.


The Anti-Media..

The Mind Unleashed..

Rehumanize Intl..

Frank L. Ludwig.

Secular Pro-Life.

Pro-Life Alliance of Gays & Lesbians.

Pro-Life Humanists..

Switiching Social.


Creative Commons.

Free and Open Works Wiki.

The Free Culture Foundation.

The Free Software Foundation.

TheElectronic Frontier Foundation.

The Open Source Hardware Alliance/

James (Grim Jim) Desbprpigh's PostMortem Studios.

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

World Pantheism.

The World Union of Deists.


Shire Silver.

Cryptonote Cryptocurrency family.

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